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Privacy Policy

We have an absolute commitment to protecting your privacy. We believe that the Internet is far too insecure but we have procedures in place to protect the personal data of our visitors.

Identifying you

When you visit our website we will not be able to get any information which would personally identify you, even if we wished to do so, without your express permission and cooperation.


We compy with the EU Data Protection Directive ( Directive 95/46/EC) as well as the UK Data Protection Act.

Sharing your data

If you contact us, in any way, we will appreciate the trust you put in us. Any information you provide us with, including of course your e-mail address, will be treated as confidential. We will not willingly share this information with anybody else, unless we are absolutely obliged to by being instructed to do so by a court of the United Kingdom.

What information we collect

Our hosting company provides us with web logs which record data about every visit to our website. None of this data can identify either the visitor, or the computer/phone/tablet that the visitor has used in order to get online.

The information these logs provide us with include:

There are also various other minor factors that weblogs can reveal. However none of these reveal any personal information about yourself, or your identity.

Links to other websites

Our website carries hyperlinks to other sites. We have permission from the owners of these sites to link to them and we believe that these sites are owned and operated by ethical companies which comply with all relevant privacy regulations.

However, it must be stressed that these are separate sites to ours, and owned by different people. Our privacy policy does not therefore apply to them. You should check their own privacy policies to ensure that they provide you with adequate protection.


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