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The Ford Capri. My own favourite british car.

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Welcome to my website!

Hi. My name is Peter Morris and I have led a charmed life up to this date.

I was born after World War II was over in a pleasant leafy suburb in Surrey so I have never known real poverty, and have never had to worry about bombs being dropped on me. In this I feel really lucky since there are so many millions of people on this earth who cannot say the same. I have travelled extensively throughout the world and seen many things, particularly in the far east, that have made me glad that I was born in Europe and not in one of the less privileged parts of the world. I am firmly convinced that most of us should spend more time looking at what we have, and less time worrying about what we have not.

One of the benefits of being born British is that we have a wonderful history to look back on. It may be fashionable to decry much of it, particularly the periods during which we had an empire, but it cannot be denied that many of the major advances in this world have been made because of discoveries in these islands. The wonderful advances in car design and manufacture during the 20th and 21st centuries are as much thanks to the ingenuity of entrepreneurs and engineers in Britain as in any other country.

We still have to admit that we have learnt from those from other countries who have also contributed to our knowledge! The American passion for driving down costs, Italian design flair, German engineering excellence, and even the sheer quality and value for money of some of the far Eastern car manufacturers, have all contributed towards taking an uncomfortable, unreliable, expensive, polluting contraption like the early motor car into the efficient, reliable and comfortable machines that we now enjoy.

This website is my salute to the people of the British Isles who have used all this accumulated knowledge, and made their own contributions towards it as well, in order to produce motorcars that we can all be proud of. Admittedly, they all did this to make money (!) And many of them failed dismally in this respect but, despite the disgraceful end of British Leyland, there are still car manufacturers in the British Isles that have produced world beating machines for more than a century. No doubt this will continue into the future.

If you fancy contacting me for a chat my name, again, is Peter Morris and you can contact me via the contacts page.

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